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(x) ICONS: 22 LFC related
(x) dakara_ or soyabin pls
(x) Although my icons have "..eats your OTP" in them, I am not in any way flaming or being anti to any pairing
(x) Done for lulz, not for offense
(x) Requests can be done :D

22: OMG MOMO'S NUMBERCollapse )

(x) 17-21 are done because I'm fully aware of the fact that there are two pairings and only one Stevie. No offense to either pairing or the fangirls, honest ♥
19 January 2008 @ 01:29 am
Probably the first and last time my United icons will come in a batch again. This was done when I had an overwhelming love for United a while back. But now, Liverpool has eaten all the love I have :D

23 x Manchester United icons
1 x FO Banner

kick, play, score!Collapse )

Mostly experimental though, so I apologize if they aren't what you usually see here :D
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14 October 2007 @ 09:17 pm
Mix fandom of shit. And soccer and football icons, finally.

04 x Eli Manning
10 x Novak Dorkovic Djokovic
02 x Nadal/Djoko
48 x Liverpool
07 x The Black Donnellys
14 x Bae Seul Gi
04 x Super Junior
68 x Nodame Cantabile


LOL = Lump of LardCollapse )

I realise I don't know Nadal's first name.
I apologize for the bad batch, really. It was made over a period of 3 months or so - and I kind of needed to get this entire thing out before it haunts me.
I'll come back with a better one!
Yes, I love you Liverpool. Even if I suck at managing you.
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27 August 2007 @ 01:29 pm
For dakara_, the 5th person on my list of loves:

Happy Early Birthday! I know you won't be able to fully use it/appreciate it for the next few months, so here it is. :D

mediafire [zip]

For instructions on installation, please visit this post made by crackified.

Please credit sukuishi or soyabin in your userinfo if taking. :)
Comments aren't required, but they would be nice.

Sadly, I'm missing a lot of players. GRAWR.